Chinese researchers claim to have achieved quantum supremacy

Chinese researchers claim to have achieved quantum supremacy

State researchers have developed in China Recently, a quantum computer is claimed to be 10 billion times faster than a Google quantum computer, marking an important milestone in this area.

And according to For the research paperIt is clear that the Chinese team managed to do something extraordinary. Quantum computers promise to perform certain tasks that are thought to be intractable to classic computers.

And a team of scientists at the University of Science and Technology in China built a quantum computer for the sole purpose of demonstrating its effectiveness A computer uses light to do a very specific task.

The reason for the importance stems from the fact that quantum computers can theoretically solve difficult problems that physicists and computer scientists estimate that classical computers take thousands of years to solve.

This scientific breakthrough came after Google announced itself as the first person to reach this achievement, And theShe claimed In 2018, the company developed the first machine that could demonstrate the benefit of quantum computing.

Google’s claim that it created the quantum computer that is able to perform tasks that a traditional computer cannot do, or cannot do in a reasonable period of time.

Google claimed that its system – which includes the quantum processor called Sycamore – can solve a specific problem that the supercomputer cannot solve.

In 2019, the Sycamore processor completed a task in 200 seconds. Google claimed in a research paper that the sophisticated supercomputer took 10,000 years to complete.

And IBM was quick to dispute this claim, and said: It can solve the same problem through one of its classic supercomputers in just days, using the algorithms that were in place at the time of Google’s announcement.

What China did is completely different from what Google did, as it built China in essence A machine that can only perform the experiment I described as demonstrating quantum supremacy through it.

In other words, the Chinese machine does not actually solve any problems, making the Chinese machine somewhat closer to the titular computer.

On the other hand, Google’s machine is programmable, which in theory means that it can be adapted to solve one or more problems.

The different laboratories around the world that are building quantum computing machines are using different methods because we are still taking the first theoretical steps towards useful quantum computing, despite the bright future. For this area.

And the methods followed by China may have resulted in the modern scientific breakthrough, But as Lu Chaoyang, the professor who led the experiment, said For a newspaper Financial Times: Building a quantum computer is a race between humans and nature, not between states.

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