Chinese Baidu is considering making its own electric cars

Chinese Baidu is considering making its own electric cars

Studied Chinese company (Baidu) the possibility of manufacture Its electric carsAnd it has held talks with auto makers about this possibility in the latest step in the race between tech companies to develop smart cars.

Baidu, which also develops autonomous driving technology and the infrastructure for an internet connection, is considering contract manufacturing, or setting up a joint venture – most of it proprietary – with car manufacturers.

The initiative will be a step forward to meet the challenge coming from internet companies such as: Tencent, Amazon and Google, which have also developed automotive technologies or have invested in smart car emerging companies.

Baidu held the initial talks – without reaching any decisions – with car manufacturers, including Geely Holding Group, Automobile Group and FAW Group subsidiary Hongqi. Regarding the potential project.

Automobile Group said it has a strategic partnership with Baidu and any further cooperation is subject to discussion.

Baidu established its autonomous driving unit called Apollo in 2017, and the unit mainly provides AI technology, and works with automobile manufacturers such as: Volkswagen, Toyota and Ford.

Baidu operates an independent taxi service called Go Robotaxi with safety drivers in Beijing, Changsha and Cangzhou, and plans to expand to 30 cities within three years.

It won approval last week to test five cars in Beijing without safety drivers.

Its manufacturing talks come after Didi Chuxing last month launched its The first electric vehicle designed specifically for ride-hailing services with BYD.

In January, Sony unveiled the self-driving electric concept car.

Auto-building is a major development in Baidu’s drive to diversify sources of income as growth in its core search business has stabilized, with revenues growing only 2 percent in the past year.

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