China removes more than 100 apps from stores for illegal content |

China removes more than 100 apps from stores for illegal content |

Internet watchdog ordered in China Local app stores have removed the TripAdvisor app and 104 other apps due to illegal content, as part of an ongoing series of stringent measures launched by Beijing to clean up the country’s cyberspace.

She said The Department of Cyberspace in China on its website today, Tuesday: The applications were removed after widespread complaints from Chinese Internet users about the spread of obscene, pornographic, violent, and illegal content, including: services such as: gambling and prostitution.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration added that it was found that the removed applications violated many laws and regulations, however, the administration did not provide any details of the violation of each application.

Other apps blacklisted by the Chinese cyberspace administration include Sugar, a social media platform targeting millennials, as well as the 51 Manhua animation app.

The latest step by the Chinese Cyberspace Administration comes after more than a month of its campaign on popular local mobile browsers, in an attempt to better control what it described as the “mess” of information in Chinese cyberspace.

During the era of Chinese President Xi Jinping, the ruling Communist Party tightened its grip on the Internet and censored content it considered inappropriate, including: pornography, gambling, fake news, and political opposition.

The TripAdvisor app ranked 150th out of all travel apps on the Apple app store in China, as of December 5, according to the latest data from the mobile analytics site App Annie.

The Chinese Cyberspace Administration said: It also suspended downloads from eight small app stores, including: MyDown and Ruanjiandi, which were found to have distributed illegal applications.

At the end of last November, China tightened its grip on live broadcast users, who are now required to register under their real names in order to follow the new rules.

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