China has a train that travels at 620 kilometers per hour

China has a train that travels at 620 kilometers per hour

Revealed China About a prototype of the new high-speed magnetic suspension train capable of reaching speeds of up to 620 kilometers per hour.

The train operates with high temperature superconductivity, making it appear as if the train is floating along magnetic tracks.

Superconductivity occurs when electrical resistance approaches zero when cooled to an extremely low temperature.

The prototype, which has a length of 21 meters, was revealed to the media in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and the developers hope to eventually increase its speed to 800 kilometers per hour.

In addition, university researchers have built 165 meters of track to show what the train will look like during transportation According For the state-run Xinhua News Agency

Professor He Chuan, vice-president of Southwestern Jiaotong University who worked on the prototype, told reporters that the train could be operational in three to ten years.

“Sichuan has rich rare earth resources, which is very beneficial for building permanent magnetic paths, thus promoting the faster development of experiments,” he added.

China is home to the world’s largest high-speed rail network, spanning more than 37,000 kilometers, and it also has the fastest commercially operating train called the Shanghai Magnetic Suspension Train.

The country’s magnetic high-speed suspension train began operating in 2003 and is progressing The train, with a maximum speed of 431 kilometers per hour, connects Shanghai Pudong Airport with Longyang Road on the eastern side of Shanghai.

China has been keen to make more infrastructure improvements before the 2022 Winter Olympics, which will be held in Beijing.

And around this time last year, China unveiled a 174-km high-speed railway linking Beijing with the 2022 Winter Olympics host Zhangjiakou, reducing travel time between the two cities from three hours to 47 minutes.

And earlier this month, the country launched an express train specifically designed to withstand freezing temperatures.

The CR400AF-G can travel at speeds of up to 350 km per hour in cold weather as -40 ° C.

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