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Cell Alpha 3-channel smart home speaker

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Christopher Stringer, a former Apple designer who worked on a variety of products from HomePod to the original iPhone during his 22 years at the company, revealed Cell Alpha. Smart home amplifier The first is for his new startup named Syng.

Cell Alpha is the smart home amplifier Communicative futuristic with an emphasis on spatial sound, andIt’s $ 1,800, or $ 1969 if you want the floor-standing model.

Cell Alpha contains speakers designed to produce low frequencies At the top and bottom, they are arranged in a force-balanced configuration.

They are paired with three distributed mid-range speakers that are supposed to be connected by a small thermal exhaust port.

Syng notes that this three-speaker setup (dubbed Trephon) is able to deliver sound with pinpoint accuracy around a room.

Syng makes big claims about the spatial sound capabilities of Cell Alpha Designed as the world’s first trifonic (3-channel) speaker, it delivers spatial acoustic capabilities beyond the stereo sound that has always been the traditional standard.

In practice, the subwoofer is supposed to be allowed to fill an entire room with surround sound, creating the impression that certain sounds or instruments are coming from distinct areas of the room.

And there are three microphones built into the stand to measure the geometry of its space, similar to the HomePod, helping it create an impression of surround sound with just one speaker.

And while Syng says: One speaker is able to deliver surround sound, and anyone who spends $ 5,397 can pair three Cell Alpha speakers together in one room for maximum trifonic expression.

According to To report Published by the Financial Times, Syng hopes to generate revenue from licensing its audio technology as well as selling the devices.

In terms of connectivity, Syng says: The Cell Alpha supports AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect over the wireless network.

The physical connection is handled through a pair of USB-C ports, and Syng also says it plans to launch a USB-C to HDMI cable to allow Cell Alpha to connect to TVs.

A companion Syng Space app is available to control setup and playback.

Syng currently has about 50 employees that include former Apple designers and engineers, as well as former employees of Nest, Ring, Nike and Facebook.

Cell Alpha is available for purchase now from the Syng website, and is expected to ship within six to eight weeks.

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