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Caviar unveils iPad Pro with a kilogram of gold

The Russian company, Caviar, took a different step than usual by replacing the Apple logo on the back of many iPhones and iPads with a whole gold apple tree set on a dark apple wood background.

The Russian company, which tends to make very expensive and highly customized Apple products, said in Press release: Caviar has presented a new set of Apple accessories made of apple tree wood that includes two iPhone 12 Pro and three iPad Pro devices engraved with quotes from (Tim Cook) Tim Cook and (Steve Jobs) Steve Jobs.

The most exclusive and most expensive model sells for about $ 190,000 and is the iPad Pro adorned with up to 81 natural diamonds with a diameter of 3mm and features unforgettable quotes from Tim Cook and Steve Jobs.

Quotations are engraved across the iPad Pro Grand Apple body loaded with more than a kilogram of 18-karat gold, including a quote from Jobs, “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, ”a quote from Cook,“ Let your joy be on your journey, not in the distant goal. ”

The top of the device is decorated with a solid gold apple tree against a background of hardened and dark apple tree wood, and you can Decide if you want iPad Pro 11 or iPad Pro 12.9 andThe amount of storage capacity.

Given the high sophistication in device design, only one will be produced iPad Pro Grand Apple One, whose price is $ 185,000 USD.

And there is the Diamond Apple lineup, which includes the iPad Pros as well as the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Nine natural diamonds were used in these devices and another quote by Cook, “Life is fragile, and we do not guarantee tomorrow, so give him your everything.” 99 parts made for both iPhone and iPad in the Diamond Apple collection.

There is also a Gold Apple collection of iPhones and iPads, but this set does not include diamonds and features more apple wood in addition to the golden apple tree, and 99 pieces are made of each.

And if you want to get a closer look at Apple’s kits from Caviar, head over to Official Website.

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