Carl Bay surprisingly leaves OnePlus

Carl Bay surprisingly leaves OnePlus

Carl Pei, the brand’s maker, confirmed OnePlus (OnePlus) and the public face of the company for a long time and co-founder, his departure from the smartphone company.

And it was difficult to talk about OnePlus as a smartphone emerging company since the emergence of its close ties with (Oppo), (Vivo) and (BBK) electronics giant.

As a marketer and brand builder, Pay has used a combination of bold promises, true word of mouth, and unconventional marketing campaigns to transform smartphone enthusiasts into a community of OnePlus enthusiasts.

And in one Posts Across the OnePlus forums, Baye said: He is looking forward to spending some time de-stressing and connecting with his family, without addressing why he is leaving now.

Rumors indicate that he was at odds with fellow founder and CEO, Pete Lau, and that Bay left to start his new venture, but his words don’t sound like someone leaving for a new job.

Either way, it seems surprising, as reports indicated that Pay had left the company several days ago, and OnePlus was not prepared to answer questions about where he had gone and why.

Perhaps the company did not want to distract attention from the new phone it launched several days ago (OnePlus 8T).

And theDrove Karl Bay developed a cheap OnePlus Nord phone, He said: I made the difficult decision of saying goodbye after nearly 7 years at OnePlus.

He added: not The world didn’t need another smartphone brand in 2013, but we saw ways to do things better, and we dreamed of changing things by offering better products for our users at affordable prices.

And he continued, saying: OnePlus has now become a force to be reckoned with when it comes to flagship smartphones, and with the new Nord product line, this success will continue in new market sectors.

He said: In past years OnePlus has been my only focus, everything else has had to step aside, and I look forward to taking some time, and then following my heart to the next step.

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