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Browser compatibility brings Microsoft and Google together

Microsoft and Google announced today that they partner to identify and fix important incompatibility issues via the web browser.

The two companies are joining an initiative Compat2021, Which is a new cross-browser initiative aimed at improving browser compatibility for web developers.

And theShe said a company Microsoft: We are excited to join Google, Igalia and the wider web community in allocating resources to the Compat 2021 initiative with the goal of making fundamental improvements in five areas where browser compatibility is an especially strong weakness.

She added: Our joint working group has identified the aforementioned focus areas based on feature usage data, the number of bugs in each vendor tracking system, various survey comments, CanIUse data, and test results from web platform tests.

The five main areas are familiar to web developers, and they all relate to a technique called Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS, that is used to describe the visual design of web applications and sites.

The five main areas include:

  • CSS Flexbox.
  • CSS Grid.
  • CSS position: sticky.
  • CSS aspect-ratio property.
  • CSS transforms.

According to For a company Google, this new effort is expanding, building on previous work done by companies such as: Microsoft, Mozilla and Google.

Google said: In 2020, Chromium began working on addressing the most important areas illustrated in improving Chromium browser compatibility, and in 2021 we began dedicated efforts to move forward even further.

This year, the team is working to get Chromium to pass 100 percent of CSS Grid tests, improve interoperability across browsers, and help with screening in web platform tests.

Project progress can be tracked via the Compat 2021 dashboard in web platform tests, and Edge users can help by reporting compatibility issues via the web browser’s feedback submission tool.

She added: Google and Microsoft are working together to address the most important issues in Chromium, along with Igalia, who regularly contributes to Chromium and WebKit, and oversees the official WebKit port for embedded devices. Igalia is supportive and involved in these compliance efforts, and will assist in addressing and tracking identified issues.

Microsoft and Google may compete in many areas, but the two companies are working together to improve Chromium browser compatibility after Microsoft chose the open-source project as the basis for the new Edge browser.

The old Edge browser, which was launched alongside Windows 10 in 2015, is now deprecated, and this month’s Microsoft updates removed it from all supported versions of the operating system.

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