British environmental broadcaster Aitinbara sets a record on Instagram

British environmental broadcaster Aitinbara sets a record on Instagram

British Income (david atenbara) Guinness Book of Records For being the fastest to reach 1 million followers on Instagram photo and video sharing service.

It only took 4 hours and 44 minutes for the British documentary maker, TV broadcaster, writer and environmentalist from the moment of creation His account On Instagram to reach 1 million followers.

Since the account was created last week, the number of followers has quadrupled, reaching 4.7 million followers so far. The previous record was for the American actress (Jennifer Aniston), who in 2019 reached a million followers within 5 hours and 16 minutes.

It is noteworthy that other celebrities, such as: British footballer (David Beckham), Pope Francis, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have held the title in the past, but none of them received the attention that the British scientist, whose career extends for nearly seven decades.

“I’m taking this step and exploring a new way to communicate with me because the world is,” Atenbara – who is 94 years old – said in his first Instagram video. As we all know, in trouble. ” “The continents are on fire,” he added. And the glaciers are melting. And coral reefs are dying. And fish are disappearing from our oceans. The list goes on. ”

Atinbara plans to use the platform to address these environmental crises and share potential solutions. He told the BBC Yesterday: Reaching out to a young audience gives him “great hope”. He also said, “I feel proud that they should listen to what an old man like me is talking about.”

It is noteworthy that the British environmentalist has a documentary entitled (A Life on Our Planet), which will be premiered on Netflix on October 4. In the documentary, Atinbara recalls the natural wonders he documented during his career, the devastation he saw at the hands of humans, and what could be done to repair the damage.

“Humans have conquered the world,” Atinbara says in the trailer for the documentary. This film is my testimony and my vision for the future. ”

(Planet Earth) – which premiered in 2006 with the narration of Atenbara – still holds the Guinness World Record for the most sought-after TV documentary program. The famous British character holds two more Guinness records for longest career as a TV presenter and longest career as a television nature scientist.

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