Bot Handy .. a drink robot from Samsung

Bot Handy .. a drink robot from Samsung

Working a company Samsung is developing a robot called Bot Handy that can pick up laundry, load the dishwasher, set the table, and even bring the drink for you.

The robot has been described as being under development, and Samsung says: The Bot Handy will be able to recognize objects using the camera and artificial intelligence.

Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research, said during the company’s press conference at CES: The aim of the robot is to be an extension of you in the kitchen, the living room, and anywhere else you might need an extra hand in your home.

It’s not clear at the moment how close Bot Handy is to a real buyable product, and the company has not announced a price or release date.

The company has previously used CES to show its futuristic robots, which are more of a concept than an actual product.

In its current form, the Bot Handy is a tall, thin, white and black robot with large digital eyes that change expressions as it moves.

The robot has a single arm that can rotate around three points – the shoulder, elbow, and wrist, with a clip-like hand at its end.

There are cameras installed on the top of the robot’s body and hand to recognize objects, and the robot can move around the room via a rolling base, rotate from side to side, and lift itself to reach higher objects.

Samsung says: The robot will be able to evaluate the materials from which different objects are made so that it holds them with the appropriate amount of force, and it is also supposed to be able to deal with objects of different sizes, weights and shapes.

In addition to Bot Handy, Samsung also showcased an updated version of Bot Care, a robotic assistant that the company first introduced in 2019.

The bot is supposed to act as a personal assistant, reminding you to take a break from work or that you have upcoming meetings.

And Samsung showed that the robot automatically unlocks a screen so its owner can join the video call that is about to start.

And in terms of actual products, Samsung has one robot that should ship this year, and that is the Cleaning Robot +JetBot 90 AI with LIDAR sensors, 3D sensor and artificial intelligence to help it recognize objects so it can better avoid obstacles.

Samsung says: The JetBot 90 + AI robot is smart enough to get close to unbreakable things, and away from fragile objects.

The JetBot 90+ AI robot includes a built-in conventional camera, which aims to allow you to inspect pets while you are away.It should ship sometime in the first half of 2021.

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