Boss Audio provides Android Auto and CarPlay for Boats

Boss Audio provides Android Auto and CarPlay for Boats

This week, Boss Audio announced a new unit.MRCP9685AWith a 6.75-inch weather-resistant capacitive touchscreen, with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, for boats.

This unit allows using (Android Auto) and (Apple CarPlay) via a standard (USB) cable, just like a car.

There are a lot of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay units, but a few are weatherproof, so in theory you need to keep them away from things like rain and snow.

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are designed for cars, but even so, there is no technical reason why no one should use these platforms while navigating the high seas.

The boats use the same standard duplex unit (DIN) as cars.

The unit features Bluetooth support, so you can listen to music wirelessly or make and receive calls without the need to operate (Android Auto) and (Apple CarPlay) on the screen.

There are two USB ports and A / V input to receive audio or visual signals from electronic equipment that generate AV signals.

There are also front and rear exits for the subwoofer, support for the rear camera for use when reversing and parking the boat, and steering wheel fascia which are sold separately.

And allow Steering wheel interface Controlling the radio functions from the buttons on the steering wheel, which provides comfort and safety by allowing you to keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Given that the unit is supposed to be completely weatherproof, it does not come with an optical drive.

This means it cannot play CDs and DVDs, but it does support the most popular media formats, such as MP3 and AVI.

And designed The new MRCP9685A unit for marine weather resistance, which means it can be installed on any boat that accepts a standard double (DIN) unit.

The company uses high-tech, state-of-the-art waterproof materials as well as a special UV coating for plastic surfaces, circuit boards and connections, to protect the product from harsh external elements and corrosion resistance.

The new unit is available from the company (BOSS Audio) for sale for $ 289.99.

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