BodyGuard hides harmful content across platforms

BodyGuard hides harmful content across platforms

Launched The newly created French company BodyGuard has applied and served in English, so that it can hide harmful content from your eyes, after the service was It has been available in French for a few years, and has so far attracted 50,000 users.

The BodyGuard app provides a solution for individuals and businesses to protect online communities and social media platforms from harmful online content, and is freely available to individuals and via a corporate API.

And if you’re a bit famous, via social networks However, it is possible that you will encounter hate speech in your responses or in your comments.

Founder and CEO (Charles Cohen) said: We have developed a technology that detects online hate speech with an accuracy of between 90 and 95 percent with only 2 percent of false positive results.

The company started with a mobile application that anyone can use, and after downloading the application and connecting it to your favorite social networks, you choose the level of supervision.

There are several categories, such as insults, mockery of physical appearance, moral harassment, sexual harassment, racism, and homophobia, and you can specify whether it is the low priority or the highest priority for each category.

And you will no longer have to open the app again, as BodyGuard scans the responses and comments from its servers and decides if everything is in order.

For example, the app can hide comments, mute users, block users, etc., andWhen you open Instagram or Twitter again, the hateful comments seem to have never been there before.

The BodyGuard app currently supports Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Twitch, and content via Snapchat and Tik Tok cannot be processed at this time due to API restrictions.

Most moderation services rely heavily on machine learning or keyword-based supervision.

And BodyGuard chose a different method, cleaning the comment mathematically and trying to analyze the comment’s content in context, and it could determine if the comment was offensive to you, an outside person, or a group of people.

The startup recently launched a B2B product, and other companies can use a BodyGuard API to moderate comments in real time via their social platforms or in their own apps.

The company charges its customers using the traditional SaaS approach of presenting the software as a service.

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