BMW unveils a miniature electric truck concept

BMW unveils a miniature electric truck concept

Revealed a company (BMW) BMW unveiled at NextGen a new concept for what could be the electric miniature truck Under its brand Mini.

With this new concept, the company is trying to explore what a miniature electric truck design might look like in the electric and standalone future.

The new concept is called the Mini Vision Urbanaut, and it aims to provide more interior space and more multiple uses than ever before, but within a small space.

And should the Mini Vision Urbanout concept become a reality, the electric mini-van would have more interior space than any other Mini, and would be the most comfortable way to get around town.

And the new car appears to be more of an exercise in design than a concept that could actually lead to an electric car program for BMW.

The concept gives an idea of ​​what cars might look like when built from the ground up with autonomy and electric propulsion in mind.

BMW wrote about the concept: Given that the Mini Vision Urbanaut was designed from the start as an electric vehicle with automatic drive functions, it has provided designers with a greater level of freedom when creating the exterior and interior design.

The Mini Vision Urbanout features three basic modes – Chill, Wanderlust, and Vibe – so the interior and exterior of the vehicle move to reflect this.

Oliver Heimer, Head of Design for the Mini brand, said in a statement: “Chill mode invites you to pause for a while, so that the car becomes a kind of sanctuary in which you can relax or work in full focus during the journey.

He added: Wanderlust is the only mode in which the Mini Vision Urbanaut is driven or driven with automatic driving functions, while Vibe focuses on getting other people to be center stage across all roads.

And you can switch between the three modes by placing the ignition switch in the relevant slot, and Mini suggests that you might be able to set your own with custom music, ambient lighting, fragrance, etc.

And you will be able to convert the car into a living room when parked, the dashboard can turn into a daybed, and you can open the windshield up to create a balcony.

The back of the Mini Vision Urbanaut appears to include a quieter area with a so-called cozy corner that includes a built-in table with a plant in the central open area.

Besides comfort, Mini also puts sustainability in mind, saying: The Mini Vision Urbanaut uses recycled materials without leather or chrome, and the main material on the inside will be knitted textiles.

Meanwhile, the Mini Vision Urbanaut has one side door and swivel and foldable seats.

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