Birdwatch .. An attempt by Twitter to remove the wrong information

Birdwatch .. An attempt by Twitter to remove the wrong information

Confirmed platform Twitter is developing a new feature called Currently (Birdwatch), which may allow the Twitter community to warn each other about misleading Tweets that may cause harm.

There is a lot of information missing about the idea, including whether Twitter would release it to the public or how it might work in its final form.

There have been many leaks about the feature, allowing an overview to be formed, along with knowing that it is still in the early stages of development and will not be released before the US elections.

Was done Discovery Such a tool first exists in August, and the main idea is that you can attach a note to a spam tweet.

The company maintains that Birdwatch is an attempt to address wrong information across its platform by providing more context for the tweets, in the form of notes.

Tweets can be added to (Birdwatch) – meaning flagged for moderation – from the Tweet dropdown menu, where there are other blocking and reporting tools.

In October, the feature got its own mini-poll to fill in while reporting a piece of content, with options to determine whether the content is misleading or not misleading in discussion about a specific piece of information, as well as researching the extent of the damage it thinks the tweet might cause.

And theHe said Kayvon Beykpour, Head of Product, Twitter: The platform will share more about our plans soon.

Twitter plans to add a new tab called (Birdwatch Notes) to the side navigation bar in the platform, along with other current features, such as menus, topics, bookmarks, and moments, and the new tab allows you to track your contributions.

The Twitter platform was subject to a lot of criticism after it confirmed that it would suspend the accounts of users who publicly hope for the death of President Trump, especially after an official tweet stating that the company imposes a policy that applies to everyone.

The tweet garnered great attention, especially from women and members of other groups, who often receive death threats and other forms of harassment for expressing their views.

And it looks like it will be interesting to see if Birdwatch will be a meaningful action, or just another bonus for discussing the difference between lies and facts.

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