Bing appears with Google on Android phones in Europe

Bing appears with Google on Android phones in Europe

has won Bing search engine from a company Microsoft, in addition to (PrivacyWall) and (, in the quarterly auction organized by Google; It appears as a search option on new Android devices in 31 European countries.

Google allowed competitors to bid for ad space at the top of the search page on Android devices after the European Union imposed billions of dollars in fines on the company for violating antitrust rules.

As part of the European antitrust settlement, Google should offer new Android users the option to download a competing search product.

These checkboxes are auctioned off, and Google has published the options that will be offered to users between October 1 and December 31 of this year.

The search giant began announcing the quarterly auction starting in March, in order to offer users three providers besides the Google search engine.

Google search engine and auction winners appear randomly via the selection screen on the user’s device.

And won (Bing) search engine rights in 13 countries in the latest auction that Its period extends from October to December.

Starting October 1, Bing will be one of the four options available to users in countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Norway and the United Kingdom.

The company got (PrivacyWallLocated in Puerto Rico, the company has rights to appear in 22 countries, while the company (, which is based in the United States, has obtained the rights to appear in 31 countries.

Other winners include independent search engine (DuckDuckGo), German email service (GMX) and Russian internet giant Yandex.

Independent search engine DuckDuckGo, which won the auction in eight countries, criticized the process, saying it encouraged bidders to exploit users.

(DuckDuckGo) said in PostThe Google auction motivates search engines to be worse in terms of privacy, to increase ads, and not to donate to charitable cases, because if they do these things, then they can bid higher.

It is noteworthy that Google has a steady market share in the search market of up to 97 percent in Europe, according to (Statcounter) figures for August.

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