Bill Gates explains why he prefers Android over iPhone

Bill Gates explains why he prefers Android over iPhone

(Bill Gates, founder of a company Microsoft, on why it continues to prefer Android devices over Apple’s iPhones.

And in an interview with Andrew Ross Sorkin and the Clubhouse app co-founder Paul DavidsonGates said: The mergers between Android and Microsoft programs mean that the devices he uses are primarily Android devices.

And (Bill Gates) added: I actually use an Android phone because I want to track everything, and I often use iPhones, but the phone I have is Android.

And the Microsoft founder continued his words, saying: Some Android manufacturers install Microsoft programs in the past in a way that makes it easier for me, and they are more flexible about how the program communicates with the operating system, and this is what I am used to, and owns Lots of my iPhone friends.

Microsoft tried to launch its own phone called Windows Phone, but closed the project due to a lack of applications.

The software giant has since partnered with Google to create a foldable Android phone called Surface Duo.

Since then, Microsoft has become more integrated with other manufacturers, such as Samsung.

The South Korean manufacturer has put together Microsoft’s Your Phone app, which allows some integration between smartphones and Windows 10 devices in a similar way to Apple’s ecosystem between iOS and macOS – since 2019.

Samsung also produced in 2017 the Microsoft version of the Galaxy S8, which included various applications and services of the various software giants, such as: Office, OneDrive, Outlook and Cortana.

And while Bill Gates was interviewed via the iOS-only Clubhouse, he lost Davidson said: Developing an Android version of the app was one of the company’s top priorities.

And while IPhones dominate Over 45 percent of the US market, Android remains the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

More than 70 percent of people use a device from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus or Google, given the high prices of iPhones, and the wide availability of cheaper devices in countries, such as: India or China.

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