Biden wants to address the global semiconductor shortage

Biden wants to address the global semiconductor shortage

President Biden is set to sign an executive order on Wednesday to address growing concern about shortages Semiconductors Global measures that impede the production of goods such as cars and smartphones

The White House Executive Order directs the federal government to conduct 100-day reviews of supply chains in four groups of products, including computer chips and high-capacity batteries, such as those used in electric cars.

The lack of chips is caused by a number of factors caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and as more daily life moves online, consumer electronics manufacturers have seen an increase in demand for products, such as laptops.

Chip production has slowed in part due to the epidemic, and former President Trump’s trade war with China has made it difficult for American companies to work with Chinese chip makers.

This has led companies such as Apple, Sony, Qualcomm and AMD to raise concerns about the shortage over the past few weeks, including parts for iPhones and gaming platforms such as the PlayStation 5.

And earlier this month, She called Automotive, telecoms, and technology lobbying groups the White House to work with Congress to provide additional funding for domestic chip research and production.

In a letter to Biden last week, the groups said: Semiconductors play an important role in enabling products and services that fuel our economy, contribute to US innovation and enhance our national security.

“Given the central role of semiconductors, strengthening the US position in semiconductor research, design, and manufacturing is a national priority,” she added.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Senate Majority Leader (Chuck Schumer) Chuck Schumer said: Congress is working on drafting a legislative package to beat China and create new American jobs as well as new investments in the US semiconductor industry.

Schumer added: “Semiconductor manufacturing is currently a serious weakness in our economy and national security, and that must change, and we cannot let China lead us in producing chips.”

Outside the semiconductor supply chain, Biden’s order also calls for similar reviews in defense, public health, biological preparedness, information and communication technology, transportation, energy and food production.

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