Biden is considering punishing Russia for the US breakthrough

Biden is considering punishing Russia for the US breakthrough

look Team President-elect Biden in several options to punish Russia For its suspected role in the unprecedented piracy of US government agencies and companies once he took office.

Among the proposed options for the Biden team are new financial sanctions, cyber attacks against Russian infrastructure and an escalation of the fight against cyber espionage.

The response must be strong enough to impose an economic or technological shudder against the perpetrators, while avoiding an escalation of the conflict between the two nuclear-armed adversaries.

It appears that the overall goal of any measure is to create an effective deterrent and reduce the effectiveness of Russian cyber espionage in the future.

The unfolding crisis – and the lack of vision about the extent to which the computer networks of federal agencies have been infiltrated – are high on Biden’s agenda when he takes office on January 20.

(Donald Trump) admitted the piracy nearly a week after its emergence, downplayed its importance, and questioned that the Russians were responsible, while Secretary of State (Mike Pompeo) blamed Russia publicly.

Biden advisers need to have a full view of US capabilities, and he also needs to have a better understanding of intelligence about a cyber breach before making any decisions.

Biden said to CBS: They will be held accountable, and pledged to impose financial repercussions on individuals and entities, The response could be an early test of the president-elect’s promise to cooperate more effectively with allies.

The massive data breach has enabled hackers believed to be from the Russian foreign intelligence service SVR to explore networks of government agencies, private companies and think tanks.

Moscow has denied involvementMedia reports indicated that the hacking group linked to the Russian foreign intelligence service Known as Cozy Bear, she was responsible for the attacks.

In July the United States, Britain and Canada accused the Cozy Bear group of trying to steal the vaccine and curative research for the Coronavirus.

Analysts said: The US government led by Biden should consider imposing sanctions against SVR at the very least, although these are The move would be largely symbolic.

The US Treasury has imposed financial sanctions against other Russian security services, such as the FSB and the GRU.

Financial sanctions imposed against business empires owned by people associated with the president (Vladimir Putin) may be more effective, as they prevent access to transactions in dollars.

And US cyber leadership in the Pentagon could cripple the Russian technology infrastructure, by disrupting telephone networks or refusing internet procedures, but this move could also harm European allies.

Russia could also be banned from using the Swift system for international bank transfers and financial correspondence, a move that would prevent Russian companies from processing payments from foreign customers.

Such a move was contemplated in 2014 when Russia annexed the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, but it harms the Russian energy sector, complicates gas sales to Europe, and harms European companies with Russian operations.

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