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Beosound Emerge .. Book shaped speaker by B&O

B&O is known for its unique design of its range of audio equipment, and with the very latest Their products Beosound Emerge, the company has taken inspiration from something that’s already right across your shelves.

And in collaboration with design agency Layer, she created Beosound Emerge, a slim smart speaker that offers all the features and connections you could ask for.

In line with the style a company B&O, the device is made of premium materials, such as: oak, knitwear, and aluminum.

In February, B&O unveiled the $ 1500 Beosound Level speaker, and with Beosound Emerge, Layer’s founder drew inspiration from the book’s shape to create a slim body.

The idea was to build a speaker as thin as possible while still being able to simulate full power sound.

The small footprint also means the Beosound Emerge doesn’t take up much space, which makes it suitable for bookshelves or other small areas.

The design allows you to position the speaker so that it is hidden away or prominently displayed, B&O says.

However, the thickness of the speaker is not uniform, as it is narrower in the front before becoming wider in the back.

The company chose materials inspired by the interior design, with the Gold Tone Edition featuring an oak cover with a woven fabric column and gold-tone aluminum, and there is also a Black Anthracite Edition with an aluminum mesh and polymer side panels.

To complete the book atmosphere, the subwoofer side panels wrap like a cover with the company branding front.

Touch controls are at the top, with options to play and pause, change tracks and quickly access stations and playlists.

There is also a volume control, which requires a circular motion to make a change in level.

B&O says: The Beosound Emerge has a modular design that allows easier access to the replaceable communication unit that first appeared on the Beosound Level.

The company explains that the removable component has enough processing power to accommodate updates and new features for years to come.

And if this component becomes old at some point, the consumer can replace it with a newer version and still use the amplifier.

The loudspeaker enables a full-range audio experience, and the 37mm mid-range subwoofer is placed in the corner, and the sound is transmitted from the front in conjunction with a 14mm tweeter designed to produce high frequencies.

The side woofer, which has a diameter of 100 mm, deals with the low frequencies, and sends them to the back of the amplifier.

The company explains that this speaker design allows the device to produce sound that fills a room, and the Beosound Emerge is equipped with room calibration technology that optimizes the overall sound depending on where you place it in the room.

The device supports AirPlay 2 and Chromecast for wireless connectivity, and it has built-in microphones for voice control via the Google Assistant.

B&O says: You can add Beosound Emerge to your existing multi-room audio equipment via AirPlay 2 or Chromecast.

The Beosound Emerge will be available online and at B&O stores in some European markets on April 15th, with a global launch planned this fall.

The price of the Gold Tone version is about $ 899, while the price of the Black Anthracite edition is about $ 699.

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