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Beolab 28 Speakers – $ 15K

Announced a company The Danish Bang & Olufsen announced its latest luxury home entertainment device, the Beolab 28, which is a pair of wireless speakers that offer multiple connectivity options, room calibration, multi-room audio, and more.

Bang & Olufsen is known for its high-end loudspeakers for their distinctive Danish design, and although their most expensive artwork demands exorbitant prices, they usually offer a full range of features for hearing around the home.

The Beolab 28 loudspeakers are long cylinders with conical bases, and the base of the speakers, which holds the amplifier, can be adjusted to rest on the floor or to be wall-mounted.

And the touch controls at the top illuminate when someone approaches the devices as the proximity sensor detects movement.

The panel at the top includes options to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume along with four pre-defined buttons that provide one-touch access to Spotify playlists, radio stations, and more.

The Beolab 28 is available in a variety of finishes, with multiple options for both fabric and wood covers.

Inside, there are three 3-inch speakers arranged vertically with a woofer designed for 1-inch high-frequency production.

And at the cone-shaped base, there is a loudspeaker designed to produce the low frequencies of 6.5 inches.

Like other speakers from Bang & Olufsen, the Beolab 28 is equipped with an Active Room Compensation system that calibrates the speakers to the environment in which they are placed.

The speakers feature beam width control that allows you to switch between two modes that change the way sound is displayed, and the narrow mode reduces the amount of sound bouncing off walls by directing the sound to what the company calls the ideal point.

Wide mode sends sound in more directions, giving you the ability to move physically while listening, and mechanical blinds across the speakers allow these modes, and they move the first time you turn on the speaker.

In terms of wireless connectivity, the device supports AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Physical connections include Ethernet, Powerlink, and line-in / Optical, and the speakers come with a remote control or you can use the company’s app to control them.

The Beolab 28 is equipped with the company’s replaceable communication unit, which can be easily replaced with another version should it become outdated.

The Canvas Beolab 28 costs $ 14,750, while the Wood Cover option is $ 16,500.

And if you thought the price was high, remember that the company makes Beolab 50 speakers that start at $ 40,000.

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