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Bentley’s first electric vehicle was an SUV

When fired a company Bentley Bentley is the first fully electric prototype by mid-decade, it will be an SUV, according to CEO Adrian Hallmark.

The CEO said For a magazine Car Magazine: If you weren’t in an SUV, you are nowhere, adding that 2025 is a good time for us.

Given the Bentayga’s success, Bentley wants to capitalize on this success by first turning to crossovers or SUVs.

Hallmark did not provide many details about the car, but he said: Bentley plans to build it based on the Artemis Project Artemis platform from Audi.

In 2020, Audi’s CEO Markus Doisman indicated that the platform would be ready by early 2024.

Hallmark’s comments indicate that Bentley will be one of the first brands under the Volkswagen Group umbrella to take advantage of the platform.

Hallmark said: We had to go into engineering pretty much after the platforms were finished for our current cars, but the difference now with Project Artemis is that we are there in the beginning, and we help define the platform, and we are not driving it, we are making use of it.

Meanwhile, wealthy consumers expect to see more electric cars, partly in Bentley’s lineup.

Last year, the company announced that it was launching additional versions for all of its models by 2023, with all of its cars going to be either fully electric or hybrid by 2026.

Hallmark said: We are looking at electricity, and we will have a closer synergy with Audi, but we are continuing our strong relationships with both brands Audi and Porsche, and we see this as an opportunity, not a risk, and we need to find the best way to accelerate the entry into the electric vehicle field.

It is assumed that the standalone technology of Level 2 Advanced will arrive with this Project Artemis platform, along with many other improvements that have been made to go beyond what is currently possible with the PPE platform, which supports both the Taycan and the E-Tron GT.

The 2025 target is still a long way off, and between now and then it is expected to see more partial electricity for the Bentley range in the form of hybrid vehicles similar to the Bentayga Hybrid before the full scheduled electric vehicle transformation takes place by 2030.

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