Astronauts test a toilet worth 23 million dollars

Astronauts test a toilet worth 23 million dollars

Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) test an advanced zero-gravity space toilet before its possible use on a future mission to the moon.

The toilet is smaller and lighter than the current toilets on the International Space Station.

It is also supposed to be more suitable for female astronauts who need to use space facilities.

The $ 23 million toilet in titanium is called the “Global Waste Management System” or (UWMS).

Another similar toilet is supposed to be added to the satellite’s future deep space crew capsule Agency NASA, called Orion.

NASA plans to send astronauts to the moon using Orion in the coming years, and the “global waste management system” will be inside the capsule.

Given that this toilet would travel into deep space, NASA needed something compact, but as efficient as previous toilets.

NASA did its best to improve the size of the toilet, making it 65 percent smaller and 40 percent lighter than the current International Space Station toilets.

The agency also says: Engineers have made the toilet more energy efficient, and NASA said: You can imagine that improving these things could help in many ways; Because space and force are of great value to the spacecraft.

Despite these upgrades, the new UWMS toilet works more or less the same way as toilets in space.

And all zero-gravity toilets rely on one important thing: suction, and the suction device makes sure that the waste produced by the astronauts is pulled into the toilet and does not unintentionally float around the crew cabin.

NASA engineers used 3D printing technology to make various parts of the system from strong, foreign minerals capable of withstanding the acid solution used within the system.

And NASA came up with technology Three dimensional In printing especially to find the parts you need, allowing to make it more lightweight than usual.

NASA has more space toilets for its design, and in June the agency began researching designs for toilets that astronauts could use when working on the moon.

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