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Ascend … a robotic pillar for a new era of human mobility

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Announced Roam Robotics, which is expanding human mobility with Wearable robotsAscend, the first smart knee orthosis to help wearers reduce knee pain and improve mobility, is available for initial orders, starting shipping in late summer 2021.

Ascend technology actively adapts, which means it senses body movement, automatically adapts to the needs of the wearer, and provides accurate, at the right moment, support to target muscle groups.

Tim Swift, CEO and Founder of Roam Robotics said: “We are focusing on a largely underserved market, where more than 20 percent of the world’s population is restricted to their body movement, and given that medical advances are helping people live longer, that number is growing.

He added: Our approach to wearable robotics works seamlessly with the human body to help people live healthier, happier and more active lives, unobstructed by physical limitations.

Ascend is designed to help relieve knee pain and support functional improvements, which greatly improves patients’ mobility.

A clinical study of knee osteoarthritis participants showed an average of 46 percent pain reduction, and 67 percent showed functional improvement with the device.

The Ascend was the first robotic wearable device to be shown to be useful in everyday life for people with joint pain who wish to regain independence and lead more active lifestyles.

Ascend Features:

  • Advanced sensor technology: Modern built-in sensor technology senses and supports everyday movements intuitively, such as getting up from sitting positions or going up and down, and the new technology can also help those who suffer from strenuous or extended activities, such as hiking on the beach, without pain or discomfort.
  • SmartPack: Ascend’s SmartPack wearable package contains built-in microprocessors that use special algorithms to effectively recognize the user’s intent and direct the device, and the remote control allows the user to easily control and manage support levels and activity patterns on demand, and the smart package also contains an air compressor and power source.
  • Lightweight hold: Ascend’s lightweight frame makes it easy to wear, provides stability, and integrates comfortably into everyday life so users can move with greater confidence, as the device relieves knee and pain by lifting the thigh muscle.

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