Artificial intelligence describes photos in Facebook more intelligently

Artificial intelligence describes photos in Facebook more intelligently

Every picture gets posted across Facebook On captions created by image analysis based on artificial intelligence that is getting smarter.

It is not easy to surf the Internet for people with visual impairments, and although there are screen reading apps to help them, websites or users often do not add alt text to images, which prevents the reader from describing what the image looks like to the user.

The improved system should be a treatment for the visually impaired, and may help you find your photos faster in the future.

The alt text is a field in the image’s metadata that describes its contents. This enables the image to be understood by people who cannot see it.

Often these descriptions are added manually by the photographer or publisher, but people who upload photos via social media platforms generally don’t care.

And the relatively recent ability to generate automatic descriptions has become very useful in making social media platforms more accessible in general, after the technology has been sufficiently enhanced in the past two years.

Facebook created the automatic alt text system in 2016, which depends on the field of machine learning, The team has since added several improvements to it, making it faster and more detailed.

He adds Last update An option to create a more detailed description on request, such that The improved system recognizes ten times more objects and objects than it did in the beginning, and with greater detail.

Descriptions include more detailsEven if they’re not always relevant, as the AI ​​observes the relative positions of people and things.

The updated form can easily recognize objects, such as: activities, landmarks, and animal species in the image, and the new model can also tell you if there are people standing in the front or back in a scene.

If a sighted person wants more detail, they can look closely or click on the image for a larger version, while the person who cannot do so now has a similar option with the Create Detailed Image Description command.

The new Facebook detail description feature is first being rolled out for testing, with improved vocabulary reaching Instagram soon.

Simple descriptions are also preserved so that they can be easily translated into other languages ​​supported by the applications, although the feature may not be rolled out in other countries simultaneously.

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