Aramco brings Google cloud services to the Kingdom

Aramco brings Google cloud services to the Kingdom

The new cloud services zone allows companies and organizations across the Kingdom to increase their market presence, while providing digital products and services faster and more reliably.

This cooperation benefits from the increasing demand for cloud services in the Kingdom, where market opportunities are expected to reach about $ 10 billion by 2030.

With the increasing reliance on internet services during the emerging coronavirus pandemic, the pace of shift towards digital solutions has multiplied.

The deployment of Google’s cloud services and infrastructure in the Kingdom will provide robust, reliable and high-quality solutions to meet the growing demand for IT services and cloud services.

Ahmed Al-Saadi, Senior Vice President of Technical Services at Saudi Aramco said: We live in a world where data plays a major role, and it is imperative for companies to provide the secure infrastructure to protect their data, in addition to the tools that enable these companies to make the most of that data.

He added: Bringing Google’s cloud services to the Kingdom would provide great benefits both now and in the future, and we thank the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for its support for this initiative, as the future transformation and growth of the business sector in the Kingdom depends on its ability to benefit from cloud services.

“We are committed to helping companies update and accelerate their digital transformations using Google’s cloud services,” said (Thomas Kurian) Thomas Kurian, CEO of Cloud Services from Google.

He added: According to this agreement, innovative Google cloud services solutions and technologies are available to global customers and companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to enable them to better serve end consumers.

Google’s cloud services offer its customers multiple solutions that include artificial intelligence, smart analytics, data management, security, infrastructure and application upgrades.

Google’s cloud services provide these services worldwide, while using 100 percent renewable energy to run its operations.

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