Apple’s tablet lineup just got messier with iPad Air

Apple’s tablet lineup just got messier with iPad Air

Device helps (iPad Air) The new The newly announced is making Apple’s tablet lineup even messier.

And the device with a screen designed like the screen (iPad Pro) more expensive with the added benefit of being the only device so far to carry the new (A14 Bionic) processor complicates what was once the most elegant product of the company.

Apple’s tablet lineup used to be simple, but starting with the introduction of the Smart Keyboard and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro in 2016, the iPad lineup began to get messy.

And as of last spring, there were five different iPad models, covering two different types of connectors (Lightning and USB-C) and even two different types of digital pen, as the updated (Apple Pencil) only works on the newer Apple tablets.

And it becomes even more confusing now with the reimagined iPad Air, which Apple reintroduced in its product line with the iPad mini that was updated about 18 months ago.

And (iPad Pro) had certain advantages, such as the ability to use (Smart Keyboard) and (Apple Pencil) while enjoying a borderless screen.

But almost all of these benefits, except for the higher 120Hz screen refresh rate on iPad Pro models after 2018 and Face ID, are available on the new iPad Air.

(IPad Air) also starts at a much cheaper price at $ 599 compared to $ 799 for the 11-inch iPad Pro.Featuring Faster processor with (A14 Bionic).

And Apple says: The new iPad Air chip gives it a 40 percent improvement in performance compared to the previous iPad Air.

It is worth noting that (A14 Bionic) is a six-core chip while (A12Z Bionic) is an eight-core chip with a faster graphics processing unit and specific features for PC-like use for high-graphics and computing applications.

And the iPad Pro still has some more features than the iPad Air, as there isn’t an iPad Air’s quad-speaker array.

(IPad Pro) contains 512 GB and 1 TB storage options, while there are 256 GB under (iPad Air).

(IPad Pro) also has a high refresh rate (ProMotion) screen, (LIDAR) scanner, and an ultra-fast camera on the back.

Other than storage space, there are a lot of specs that aren’t likely to affect the basic things most people do with an iPad.

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