Apple Watch users are struggling with watchOS 7

Apple Watch users are struggling with watchOS 7

Watch users complain Camel Third-generation (Apple Watch Series 3) from a variety of issues after updating to watchOS 7, such as random reboots.

The system reached the public last week, and brought new watch face features, sleep tracking support, and more to third-generation Apple Watch models.

However, some Apple Watch Series 3 users have reported problems since installing watchOS 7, including poor performance.

And there Series Messages from Apple Watch Series 3 owners in Apple support forums expressing their frustration with the watch’s performance since installing watchOS 7.

And one of the most common complaints seems to be that the Apple Watch Series 3 restarts itself randomly several times a day.

The latest user said: The watch performs many reboots every day since the update, and it asks for the passcode and shows empty statistics about activity, and added, “I’ve never had a problem like this before on watchOS 6 or earlier, and there must be a supplemental update from Apple To handle this matter ”.

Many Apple Watch Series 3 users refer to watchOS 7 as the worst watchOS update Apple has released so far.

There are two things that make these complaints more prominent:

  • There is no way to downgrade to watchOS 7 update, which means Apple Watch Series 3 owners cannot downgrade watchOS 6, and Apple has released watchOS 7.0.1 as an update to fix bugs, but users They reported that it didn’t solve their problems.
  • Apple is still selling the Apple Watch Series 3 as part of its Apple Watch lineup, although it seems that the old watch is struggling to keep up with the new features of the current system, and this may also have implications for the availability of future software updates, such as (watchOS 8), For Apple Watch Series 3.

It is not clear at this point how widespread these problems are, and given the sheer volume of complaints, it is possible that the problems have reached Apple.

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