Apple Watch Series 6 will be the first with the U1 chip

Apple Watch Series 6 will be the first with the U1 chip

It appears that the (Apple Watch Series 6) will be the first with a (U1) GPS chip, as it added a company Apple in September 2019 a new feature to (iPhone 11) and (iPhone 11 Pro) without talking about it.

It is clear that the company has done so again with (Apple Watch Series 6), so that the new feature represents Apple’s Ultra Wideband (U1) GPS chip.

This chip allows devices to find each other, find other gadgets with similar technology, and even securely unlock your car and door without taking an iPhone out of your pocket.

Given page Comparing the official (Apple Watch) specifications, it can be seen that the (Apple Watch Series 6), which is priced at $ 399, is the one that gets the (U1) chip, not the new (Apple Watch SE).

Also, this feature is not present in (Apple Watch Series 5), and it was missing from the (iPhone SE) announcement for 2020 as well.

It’s not clear when Apple will do something meaningful with this functionality, which is likely the reason why the company hasn’t talked about it as much yet.

Apple hopes to add it to the idea of ​​digital car keys in the not-too-distant future, and is part of a consortium pushing the technology.

But it is not clear if any automobile company is involved in this, as the idea similar to the idea of ​​a digital key depends on a device equipped with (NFC) technology in your car.

This technology may help Apple find a powerful way to find lost items, as Apple recently extended its hand to companies selling GPS tracking devices and Bluetooth by offering to expand its Find My network to include their devices.

And it has long been rumored that it works on an AirTag device that you can use like a tracker (Tile), where you can stick it on something or put it in your bag, and the (U1) can theoretically show you exactly where to hide the remote control or Your wallet, keys, or laptop bag.

And Apple uses the U1 chip to share photos with another iPhone user only in the same room.

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