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Apple wants to use augmented reality to make conversations better

It is known that the CEO For a company Apple, (Tim Cook) Tim Cook rarely provides details about undisclosed products, but he does provide some hints about Apple’s thinking in augmented reality and in cars. Interview With Journalist (Kara Swisher) Kara Swisher via The New York Times.

When it comes to augmented reality, Cook agreed with Swisher’s framing that technology is extremely important to Apple’s future, stating that it could be used to improve conversations.

Cook said, “You and I are having a conversation now, and it would be better if we could increase our discussion with during presentation of graphs or other things.”

Cook imagines the use of augmented reality in the areas of health, education, retail and games. “I see augmented reality taking off in some of these areas with the use of the phone, and I think the promise will be greater in the future,” he said.

There were rumors that Apple had been working for years to develop augmented reality glasses, and the latest leaks indicate the possibility of launching a mixed reality device next year.

Augmented reality features are available on iPhone and iPad, but other than some filters, augmented reality is not widely used yet.

Cook also spoke extensively about Apple’s approach to products during a question about cars.

And the leaks have made it unclear whether the company is developing the autonomous technology it can license to other companies or whether it plans to develop an entire car on its own.

Cook’s recent comments indicate that he plans to develop an entire car on her own, assuming the project pays off.

“We love integrating hardware, software and services and finding points of intersection between them because we think that’s where the magic happens, and that’s what we like to do, and we love having the basic technology around that,” Cook said.

Cook referred to independence as a key technology, and said there are a lot of things you can do with robots.

But he warned that not every Apple project reaches the end consumers, and he said: We investigate a lot of things internally, but a lot of it does not turn into commercial products.

I also asked Swisher Cook about Elon Musk’s comments about a failed attempt to discuss selling Tesla to Apple in 2017, and Cook said: I never spoke with Musk, but I have great admiration and respect for the company he founded.

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