Apple wants to bring the Apple TV app to Xbox consoles

Apple wants to bring the Apple TV app to Xbox consoles

Xbox consoles (Xbox) from a company Microsoft is the latest platform to have the (Apple TV) app.

And according to To report New, the app has appeared as an option for some users to use in the Xbox Insiders beta.

(Apple TV) is a service Growing For Media from Apple, it lets you subscribe to a handful of original productions, and get digital copies of movies and live shows across the Apple ecosystem.

And over the past few years we’ve seen Apple open its software by allowing external devices to play (Apple TV), as well as support for the (HomeKit) framework and (AirPlay 2) to expand its reach.

As mentioned in the report, a possible launch with the new Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S platforms could be on November 10.

The app includes access to (Apple TV) services, including the subscription service (Apple TV Plus) launched by Apple in late 2019.

There is little ambiguity about Microsoft’s work with Apple on this matter, given that Apple recently banned the Xbox Game Pass service from Microsoft that worked via the xCloud iOS app.

Apple asked Microsoft to send each game in the library separately. It is clear that (Apple TV) will not send every movie and TV show on its service separately, which is contrary to the policies that appear on (iOS).

There is no At the moment, there is no evidence of support for (HomeKit) or (AirPlay 2) with the (Apple TV) app for Xbox.

Earlier last month, information emerged that the streaming platform Roku is working to add support for HomeKit and AirPlay 2 to its devices. After I got the (Apple TV) app in fall 2019.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen TV makers like Samsung, Sony and LG bring in integration without the required STB.

Sources indicate that Apple is also working with Sony to bring the (Apple TV) application to the (PlayStation) platforms, and support for HomeKit may arrive at some point, but this feature may not be activated at the same time with the application.

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