Apple threatens to remove Amphetamine due to its name

Apple threatens to remove Amphetamine due to its name

Developer claims Implementation Amphetamine for macOS that a company Apple has threatened to withdraw it from the Mac App Store for violating one of the App Store guidelines over its name, despite the fact that Apple had offered it in the past.

Amphetamine dates back to 2014 and is an app used to keep your Mac awake, preventing macOS from falling asleep.

The application has so far been shown through the Mac App Store for six years, but it seems that Apple itself may be preparing to remove it from the show completely, due to its trademark.

(William Gustafson) claims that an Apple representative contacted him on December 29th with the threat of removing the app from the Mac App Store.

Apple said the app violates its app store guidelines, and it will be deleted on January 12th unless changes are made to the app.

The relevant guideline states that apps that encourage the consumption of tobacco, e-cigarette products, illegal drugs, or excessive quantities of alcohol are not permitted in the app store.

Applications that encourage minors to consume any of these substances are rejected, and it is not permitted to facilitate the sale of marijuana, tobacco or controlled substances except in licensed pharmacies.

Apple specifically claims that the app appears to be promoting inappropriate use of controlled substances, with the app’s name and icon indicating the controlled substance.

To avoid abuse, Gustafsson would have to rename Amphetamine, a measure that would make it difficult for current users to track the app for future updates.

This also terminates any benefits from existing brand awareness, as this will not carry over to the title of the new app.

The timing of the rebranding request is intriguing, as the app has been in the Mac App Store without a problem for six years.

The app achieved more than 432,800 downloads and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the US Mac App Store, and Apple itself promoted the app in the Mac app store story.

Gustafsson believes the app doesn’t violate guidelines, writing: I also think there are a lot of people who want to see Amphetamine continue to thrive without a complete rebrand.

And in all of Gustafson’s communications with Apple employees over the past six years regarding the app, neither Amphetamine’s name or its icon bothered any of them..

Gustafson also mentions how Amphetamine updates have been rejected in the past, but for more technical reasons than for the brand.

And he adds: Apple pays attention when reviewing applications, and has not been questioned once about the name or icon Amphetamine, despite the 41 updates to the application that were sent to Apple for review.

An appeal against the guideline violation accusation has been filed with Apple, but the developer has little confidence in reversing Apple’s path based on the appeal on its own.

And if Apple continues its decision, Gustafson says: He will either work on a new version of the application to return to the Mac App Store as soon as possible, or continue to raise awareness of Apple’s actions and wait for a change of opinion.

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