Apple Store discontinued before the iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 event

Apple Store discontinued before the iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 event

The App Store is currently down, and this stop comes before an event Apple company Scheduled for today, when the company is expected to announce a new redesign of the iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6.

The new watch lineup will include a high-end model that features a new blood oxygen sensor, and a cheaper entry-level model that will replace the $ 199 Apple Watch Series 3 that Apple is currently selling.

Usually, the Apple event in September is the place where the company announces the latest version of the iPhone, however, it is not expected that (iPhone 12) will appear in this event, as the production of the phone was delayed due to the Corona virus epidemic, and this means that the (iPhone 12) lineup The new program will go into sale in October, and it is believed that Apple will prepare another event for that.

Instead of releasing iPhone models, today’s “Time Flies” event will feature the redesigned iPad Air, new Apple Watch models and possibly the unveiling of the Apple One.

The new iPad Air will have thinner bezels and resemble an iPad Pro in terms of industrial design, but will use the power button (Touch ID) instead of (Face ID) to save cost, and Apple Watch rumors suggest adding a blood oxygen sensor and a faster CPU.

Other potential Apple product announcements include AirTags, over-ear (AirPods Studio) headphones, a new HomePod and a look at upcoming Apple Silicon Macs. However, there is no consensus on whether these products are ready to be announced today or whether they will come later as part of the upcoming iPhone announcement event in October.

Apple’s hardware event this year will be held entirely online today, Tuesday, September 15, 2020. You can watch the live broadcast of the event on YouTube at The official channel, And across The company’s website On the web and the app (Apple TV), the event will begin at 10 AM PDT or 8 PM Mecca Time.

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