Apple requests strict data protection in Google’s lawsuit

Apple requests strict data protection in Google’s lawsuit

Requested a company Apple and the advertising giant GroupM from the judge who looked into the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against Google to allow them to identify certain data that the government uses as top secret, to make sure that no one from Google can see it.

The Justice Ministry, which filed a lawsuit against the search and advertising giant in October, has focused on: The antitrust case over the billions of dollars that Google has paid to be the default search engine on Apple’s iPhones.

Apple indicated in its filing that sensitive data had been used to write the complaint.

The government accuses Google of illegally using its market power to block competitors in a lawsuit that challenges the power and influence of major tech companies in decades.

Google has offered to ensure that any confidential information is available to only two internal lawyers in the offices of Google’s external advisor or in another safe way, adding that it will immediately report any disclosures.

Similarly to Apple, the companies, including AT&T, Microsoft and Amazon, that helped the government ask the judge (Amit Mehta) Amit Mehta From the US District Court of Columbia creating a category of data that is considered top secret, and preventing any Google employee from accessing it.

Advertising giant GroupM has also requested that information be disclosed out of the eyes of in-house lawyers.

This week, Mehta said: The trial could continue for months, and Apple has requested that only Google’s outside lawyer be allowed access to any top-secret data and not any internal lawyers.

Apple said it had provided the government with data about its relationship with Google, and more would be required of it, such as: the terms of the deals that Apple struck with other search engines and Apple’s internal discussions about negotiating deals.

Microsoft and Amazon said in a joint file: Google may gain more leverage against companies in any future negotiations if they have access to some sensitive documents.

And a lawyer representing Google pressed to speed up the issuance of the documents used in writing the complaint against the company, and John Schmidtlein, a Google lawyer, said: We need access to these materials, and we need to know more about the features of that material.

Mehta asked the lawyer for the Ministry of Justice about the possibility of giving Google a list of companies that provided information to the government, and the amount of information provided by each company. The judge indicated that Google will soon receive a list of 100 potential witnesses.

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