Apple puts Wistron under surveillance for violations

Apple puts Wistron under surveillance for violations

mentioned Reuters news agency a company Apple has placed the Taiwanese manufacturing company Wistron under surveillance, which means that it will not receive any new work from Apple until it addresses the treatment of workers in its southern Indian factory, after discovering its exploitation of workers in the factory.

For the second time in two months, Apple is placing a contractor with it to build iPhones under surveillance for violating labor laws.

Apple said in a statement: The preliminary results of the audit in the wake of the violence at the Wistron plant in the Indian state of Karnataka showed violations of supplier rules of conduct.

Contract workers were angry over unpaid wages It destroyed property, materiel and iPhones On December 12, it caused millions of dollars in losses to Wistron and forced it to close the plant.

Apple said the Wistron had failed to manage proper working hours, leading to payment delays for some workers in October and November.

Wistron admitted that some workers at the plant in Narasapura, Karnataka state were not being paid correctly or on time, and that it is in the process of firing the chief executive who oversees its business in India.

Our main goal is to ensure that all workers are treated with dignity and respect, and promptly fully compensated, Apple said, adding that it has continued to investigate problems at the factory, which collects a single iPhone model.

Wistron said in a statement: We are aware that we made mistakes while expanding this new facility, some of the processes we apply to manage work agencies and payments need to be strengthened and scaled up, and we are restructuring teams and providing 24-hour hotlines for employees to file complaints.

The move delays Wistron’s production of smartphones and hurts its manufacturing push in India, where it has committed to invest about $ 177 million over the next five years as part of its New Delhi production-related stimulus plan to manufacture smartphones.

This move is also likely to affect Apple’s plans to expand into India, which is the market that it has bet on to expand its manufacturing base outside China.

Apple began assembling its first iPhone models in India via Wistron in 2017 and has now ramped up assembly operations, with Foxconn in southern India set to start its domestic operations as well.

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