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Apple protects MacBook from incompatible external platforms

Issued a company Apple has once again updated to prevent the charging problem from sabotaging MacBooks by rolling out version 11.2.2 of macOS Big Sur to all eligible MacBooks.

This time the update tries to fix an issue that caused damage to the 2019 MacBook Pro and later, and the 2020 MacBook Air and beyond. When connecting to third-party USB-C platforms and hubs.

Apple said: The macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 update prevents some models of MacBook computers from incurring damage when connected to third-party USB-C platforms and hubs.

It was unclear how widespread the problems were, but 74 out of 221 participants reported Opinion poll It was reported via Reddit that a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro has failed after using platforms and dispensers.

As with all opinion polls, it is best to treat their results with caution, but there is an indication that some people have problems, and most of them appear to beI come from using third-party platforms.

While some of these platforms appear to come from very obscure brands, there are a few well-known brands that have been reported to sabotage laptops.

For its part, Apple describes them as incompatible power USB-C platforms and hubs in the new update notes.

It appears that Apple has had some problems with power delivery recently, as the latest update, 11.2.1, of macOS Big Sur was released to fix an issue where some users were unable to recharge their computers if the battery drains by 0 percent.

And Apple released a program to replace other MacBook Pro batteries that do not exceed 1 percent of the charge, as well as a program to exchange the batteries of its smartwatch for a very small number of users that cannot be charged. After the update.

And if you connect your MacBook to a platform or distributor of any kind, it’s probably best to download this update as soon as possible, especially if you have one of these affected models.

You can now update your MacBook to the latest version of macOS Big Sur by heading to the Software Update menu in the System Preferences app.

The update is available to all macOS Big Sur users and is not limited to affected devices only.

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