Apple presents its upcoming iPhone 12 PRO in blue and red colors

Apple presents its upcoming iPhone 12 PRO in blue and red colors

The latest leaks have revealed the colors presented by Apple this year for the iPhone 12 PRO, where this version will be launched in red and blue colors.

Apple has stopped choosing the red color in its versions of the iPhone since the launch of the iPhone X, and today the company returns again in red and also blue as choices in the colors of its next phone, IPHONE 12 PRO, according to the latest leaks.

Some previous leaks indicated Apple’s plans to launch the navy blue for the iPhone 12 Pro, as the phone was spotted in three-dimensional images in blue, and an analyst also indicated in a recently published report that Apple will provide the blue color for its Series 6 smart watch to match the company’s products in colors. Available.

Apple also offers this year 4 of the new versions of the iPhone 12 series, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Pro and also the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

The leaks also indicated that Apple adopts the design of the iPhone 4 in the iPhone 12 series this year in particular in the design of the square frame in the phone, and the iPhone 12 series comes with a square design for the rear camera unit, with different camera settings, as the Pro versions come with triple settings in The camera.

Apple also supports the iPhone 12 series this year with the A14 Bionic processor chip that was recently introduced in the iPad Air, and new versions also support 5G connectivity this year.

Recall that the leaks that came so far confirmed that Apple offers the Pro version at a refresh rate of 120Hz in the screen, and expectations indicate that the next versions of the iPhone phones start from the pricing level of approximately $ 649, so we expect the official announcement for more details about the iPhone 12 series that Compete in the market later.

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