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Apple outlines the iOS 14.5 feature on choosing its music app

Explained a company Apple said that the beta version of iOS 14.5 does not allow users to choose the new default music service, as has been reported.

After a beta version of iOS 14.5 became available in February, a number of beta testers noticed that Siri is now asking which music service to use when asking him to play music.

But Apple does not consider this feature equivalent to setting the default, which is a newly introduced option to allow email and browser applications.

Instead, the feature is dependent on Siri’s intelligence, which means it can improve and change over time as Siri learns to better understand your listening habits.

For example, if you ask Siri to play a song, album, or artist, they may ask you which service you want to use to listen to this type of content.

However, your response to Siri doesn’t make that particular service virtual, says Apple.

And Siri might ask you again at some point, which is a request that might confuse users if they think their preferences have been set.

Apple also notes that there is no specific setting in iOS 14.5 where users can set up a default music service, as is the case with email and browser apps.

Although several previous reports noticed this difference, they still refer to the feature as a default, which is not technically correct.

More broadly, the feature is an attempt to help Siri know which listening apps to use for different types of audio content – And not just the music.

And when Siri asks which service you want to use for these types of voice requests, it will present a list of audio apps that you’ve installed for you to choose from.

Application developers can optionally use APIs to provide Siri with access to more information about what people are listening to, andThis may allow Siri to fulfill user requests with greater accuracy, and all of this processing is done via the device.

The Voice Select feature does not prevent users from requesting a specific service by name, even if it is not their usual preference.

Although this may seem like a simple explanation, it is of greater importance, given the increased regulatory scrutiny that Apple is subject to these days over how the app store and the app ecosystem work.

The voice selection feature appeared for the first time in the first beta version of iOS 14.5, but it was withdrawn in the second beta.

It’s back with a third beta, which brings attention again – as well as Apple’s response.

Although it doesn’t technically allow you to set a default, the feature that Siri supports might appear to be one for users with consistent listening behavior.

And iPhones are getting smarter in how to play what you want to hear, without necessarily forcing you to use Apple apps if you don’t want to.

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