Apple officially announces the Series 6 smart watch at $ 399

Apple officially announces the Series 6 smart watch at $ 399

The tech giant Apple announced during the event today its new Series 6 smartwatch, which starts at $ 399.

Apple’s Series 6 smart watch comes today with a distinctive screen with an edge-to-edge design, with more than one model available for users of blue aluminum, or stainless steel in gold, and graphite with stainless steel, with a red model.

Also, Apple confirms that the Series 6 smart watch comes with a new health sensor, to support measuring the percentage of oxygen in the blood in just 15 seconds through the distinctive red lighting.

The Series 6 smart watch also supports measuring blood oxygen levels during sleep, while monitoring the user’s status also during sleep. The Series 6 watch also includes a new company S6 chip that supports the smartwatch with better performance with less energy consumption, as Apple confirms that the watch comes with performance. 20% faster, and the smart watch also supports 5GHz Wi-Fi networks, with 2.5 times better screen brightness.

Also, Apple confirmed that the smartwatch is designed with recycled aluminum and tungsten, and the smartwatch also comes without a USB AC adapter.

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