Apple officially announces the “HomePod Mini” smart speaker

Apple officially announces the “HomePod Mini” smart speaker

Apple announced today, Tuesday, during the Hi Speed ​​event, its latest product that joins the HomePod series of smart speakers, the HomePod Mini, which is a miniature version of the original HomePod.

She said American tech giant: The (HomePod mini) is the latest addition to the (HomePod) family that provides impressive audio, Siri intelligence to get things done, as well as an intelligent home experience that provides convenience without complication.

The device is about 8.3 cm high, and the company says: It is full of innovative technologies and advanced programs that work together to enable computational sound to deliver amazing sound quality wherever it is placed. (HomePod Mini) will be available in white and space gray at a price of $ 99.

HomePod Mini

Apple said: The (HomePod Mini) is designed to work with Apple Music, podcasts, and radio stations from iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn, and in the coming months it will support other services, such as: Pandora and Amazon Music.

The new smart speaker from Apple works with other versions of it to broadcast music or podcasts to multiple rooms. By placing two copies of the HomePod mini in one room, a stereo pair of speakers can be created.

The company says: The device provides a rich and detailed audio experience, using computational audio to provide the highest performance. To achieve this, the Apple S5 chip in the device works with advanced software to analyze unique characteristics of music and apply complex tuning models to improve loudness, dynamic range and volume motion control.

The device supports (Siri shortcuts) created on iPhones and iPads, so that users can ask the digital assistant in the device to direct ready-made voice commands. The device also supports the feature of surrounding sounds, including the sounds of rain, heater, stream, and more. And the digital assistant Siri can set a sleep timer so that sounds stop playing automatically.

It is reported that Apple announced during the same event about the new iPhones, which are: (IPhone 12), And the(IPhone 12 mini), And (iPhone 12 Pro), and (iPhone 12 Pro Max).

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