Apple officially announces its fitness service Fitness Plus

Apple officially announces its fitness service Fitness Plus

Announced a company Apple today, Tuesday, announced a new subscription service for virtual fitness classes called (Fitness Plus) Fitness Plus She relies on her Apple Watch smartwatch.

The US tech giant said: The Fitness Plus service is available on its various devices, including: iPhone, iPad, and (Apple TV) Apple TV. The service can be accessed for $ 9.99 a month, or $ 79.99 a year. User can get three months free when purchasing a new Apple Watch.

The Fitness Plus service also comes as part of the new subscription service also (Apple One), Apple One, which was also announced today, and Apple says: The service will be available before the end of this year.

And Apple says: Many exercises require only a set of dumbbells (weights), or no equipment at all, giving the user the flexibility to do them anywhere that suits him. There are 10 different types of exercises available, including strength training, rowing, and there’s a built-in program for complete beginners. The user can select the exercises based on their duration, and Apple says it plans to add new exercises every week.

And during exercise, Apple says: The user can see his statistics, such as: heart rate, or calories burned on the screen. The company also promises to provide smart suggestions for exercises to try with new exercises added every week, and the entire service integrates with Apple Music. At the end of each exercise, the user will get a summary of all their data.

It is noteworthy that Apple has always included fitness features, such as: exercise tracking in its smart Apple Watch, which can show the user a variety of metrics about activities, such as: running, cycling, swimming, or rowing.

The watch can provide the user with alerts while running if the pace is too fast or too slow, or give them details of their heart rate, or the number of steps per minute. And now Apple can help tell users how to exercise as well as encourage them to end training episodes.

It is also noted that the news that Apple is working on a fitness service under the codename Seymour first came to light last month when it reported Bloomberg Agency The news that the company was planning to include it in one of the advanced Apple One packages.

At launch, Fitness Plus will be available in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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