Apple Music TV … a TV channel for music videos

Apple Music TV … a TV channel for music videos

Launched a company Camel (Apple Music TV), Which is a free 24-hour live broadcasting channel Popular Music Videos.

And include the channel Also, exclusive new music videos, special curated music videos, live shows and events.

The channel is available to residents of the United States only, and does not have an application of its own, but is presented instead as a new feature within two existing entertainment applications from Apple.

It can be found on its website, and via the navigation tab in the (Apple Music) and (Apple TV) apps.

While Apple Music is a paid subscription service, Apple Music TV will be free for users in the United States.

The new channel can take advantage of the content produced for Apple Music 1 radio station while these promotions are running.

The service premiered Monday morning (Oct 19) with a countdown to the top 100 songs broadcast in the US via Apple Music.

On Thursday (October 22nd), the channel celebrates the upcoming release of “Letter to You” with Bruce Springsteen’s “All Day Bruce Takeover”. And a special event for fans.

It will also have two exclusive video shows on Friday, and the channel will show new videos every Friday.

The move marks a long-awaited culmination of years of speculation and talk about when and how the company will move into the music video space, which YouTube has long dominated.

The channel’s biggest advantage is that millions of Apple device owners can access it for free, but it may struggle to retain users because it lacks features that make other live broadcasts or first shows interactive.

The announcement does not include any specific mention of music documentaries, an area in which the company has invested in its upcoming feature-length documentary “The World’s a Little Blurry,” which is due for release in February.

Apple Music has a large number of original content that it has provided since its official launch in 2015, including concert movies and interviews, and this content will now be available on Apple Music TV.

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