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Apple Mixed Reality glasses coming in mid-2022

Renowned analyst (Ming-Chi Kuo) said at TF International Securities Research note New: Apple plans to launch its long-rumored mixed reality glasses in mid-2022, followed by augmented reality glasses by 2025.

We expect Apple’s mixed reality and augmented reality product roadmap to include three phases: eyeglasses by 2022, regular glasses by 2025, and contact lenses between 2030 and 2040, Coe writes.

The analyst speculated that the headset product provides augmented and virtual reality experiences, while regular eyeglasses and contact lenses are likely to focus on augmented reality applications.

Kuo said: Many prototypes of Apple’s mixed reality glasses currently weigh between 200 and 300 grams, but the final weight should be reduced to between 100 and 200 grams if Apple can solve technical problems, making it much lighter than many Current virtual reality devices.

Given the intricate design, Kuo expects the glasses to cost about $ 1,000 in the United States, in line with the price of the iPhone flagship.

In line with a previous rumor, Kuo said: The headphones will be equipped with Sony’s Micro-OLED screens and several optical units to provide a transparent augmented reality experience, adding that the glasses can also offer a virtual reality experience.

The glasses will be portable, with independent computing and storage power, but not as portable as the iPhone, Kuo said.

“When the technology improves, we think the new eyeglass product can also boost its mobility,” he added.

Kuo believes that Apple’s headphones have the potential to provide an immersive experience much better than current virtual reality products.

As for the augmented reality glasses from Apple, Kuo expects to launch them in 2025 at the earliest, and he believes there is no prototype yet.

The glasses provide an augmented reality visual experience and are positioned more as a mobile product than mixed reality glasses, Kuo said.

He added: While the headphones provide a great immersive experience, the glasses focus more on providing the mobile experience with an augmented reality experience.

Kuo is looking to combine Apple’s glasses with a long-rumored Apple car, which is likely several years away.

Kuo looked far to the future and expected the company to release contact lenses sometime after 2030, saying: This product takes electronics from the visible era to invisible computing.

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