Apple may unveil Apple Watch Series 6

Apple may unveil Apple Watch Series 6

Preparing a company Apple today to broadcast an event from its headquarters in Cupertino, California, where analysts expect to reveal the new generation of its smartwatch (Apple Watch Series 6), updated iPads and other devices while waiting for the announcement of the latest iPhones next month.

Apple executives said the pandemic-related disruptions would push the iPhone version to October.

Apple reported earnings that beat expectations for the past two quarters, supported in part by strong sales of work from home items, such as iPads, laptops and accessories that are associated with its flagship smartphones.

While analysts are forecasting an October event for iPhones, Apple has penned for new watches with the phrase “Time Flies” on the Today’s event invitation sent out last week.

Analysts expect the company to announce a new flagship smartwatch called (Apple Watch Series 6).

And Apple has come to dominate the smartwatch market, with Strategy Analytics reporting in May that Apple had a market share of 55 percent as of the first quarter.

Analysts believe that the watch plays a powerful role in helping Apple retain customers, given that it must be paired with an iPhone.

Analysts expect Apple to delve into health and fitness features with the Apple Watch Series 6 mentioned Bloomberg previously reported that Apple is planning to unveil a service offering virtual fitness classes in which the watch can play a role as part of a larger set of content and services.

Some analysts also believe that Apple may adopt a method to sense changes in blood oxygenation in the Apple Watch Series 6, based on health sensing capabilities after adding a method for taking similar ECG measurements using Apple Watch Series 4 watches.

However, many prominent Apple analysts and observers have not confirmed this feature.

Analysts also expect Apple to unveil an update to the iPad Air, which lies between the advanced iPad Pro that contains a 3D sensor for augmented reality content and the primary iPad model targeting the education market.

Analysts point to the possibility of unveiling a new set of over-ear headphones called “AirPods Studio” to complement the company’s (AirPods) and wireless (AirPods Pro), which have met with huge success.

Analysts also expect a group of small devices called AirTags, which can be attached to the devices so that owners can locate them using Bluetooth and other wireless sensors.

These devices compete with Hardware (Tile), an independent company founded in 2012 that created a similar product and has publicly criticized Apple for setting barriers in the iPhone OS that make it more difficult to use external products than Apple’s own products.

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