Apple is promoting Fitness + integration with Apple Music

Apple is promoting Fitness + integration with Apple Music

Promote a company Apple has deeply integrated its new Fitness + service with Apple Music through a dedicated category in the Music app, allowing users to quickly view playlists from Fitness +.

The new workout service uses Apple Music, and to demonstrate this integration, Apple has added the ability to easily find Fitness + playlists within Apple Music.

A new browsing category has been added to the Apple Music search page titled Fitness, which contains a large number of fitness-related playlists.

In addition to including existing workout playlists, the category also includes a section titled Fitness + Studio Series.

This section contains a selection of playlists, each representing a different style of music or dedicated to a type of exercise.

Playlists are updated and curated regularly by Apple Music editors and Fitness + coaches, and playlists range from dance list and electronic paddling music menu to country music for running and a relaxing playlist for yoga practice.

Launched in December, Fitness + is a subscription service from Apple that provides workouts and relies on data from the user’s Apple Watch to monitor their progress.

In addition to providing on-demand training sessions, the service also creates playlists for each individual exercise, which can be listened to within Apple Music.

The cost to subscribe to the Fitness + service is an amount $ 9.99 a month or $ 79.99 a year, which can be used as part of an Apple One subscription.

Existing Apple Watch users can take advantage of a one-month free trial, with a three-month offer for customers who purchase Apple Watch Series 3 or later.

Apple said: The + Fitness team brings together some of the best coaches in the world to guide you through workouts for all levels of fitness or experience, and they know a lot about motivation and how music can play a role.

“The coaching team coordinated with Apple Music editors the Studio Series into playlists, calibrating and designing each set of tracks to conserve your energy and help you complete the exercises.

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