Apple is investigating Wistron for violating supplier rules

Apple is investigating Wistron for violating supplier rules

She said Economic Times: The a company Apple is investigating that Taiwan’s contractor Wistron violated Apple’s supplier rules at its iPhone manufacturing facility near the southern Indian city of Bengaluru.

A cluster of media reports stated that workers – disturbed by hours and payments – had destroyed the Wistron plant and around 100 people had been arrested.

The Taiwanese company Wistron is one of the major global suppliers for Apple, and manufactures the iPhone 7 and the second generation of the iPhone SE. in India.

And according to To report The Times of India, violence erupted at the Wistron factory, which makes iPhones, in Narsapura Industrial Park in Kolar district in the early hours of Saturday.

Workers looted the building, demanding the timely payment of salaries along with an overtime allowance, with attachment Damage to six vehicles and smashing windows and doors of the facility.

The violence, which comes at a time when the state is making every effort to attract investors, has put the government in an embarrassing position.

“The safety and well-being of our team members is always our top priority, and we are extremely shocked by the accident,” Wistron said in a statement. Unidentified persons stormed the factory, damaging it with an inconspicuous intent.

She added: The company always adheres to the law and fully supports and cooperates with relevant authorities and police investigations.

The Economic Times said: Apple’s supplier guidelines require third-party recruitment agencies to pay workers’ salaries and provide them with other benefits according to the rules and on time.

She explained that Apple will investigate the fact that there is a discrepancy in the wages agreed upon and paid to employees, and that overtime has been calculated and paid according to the standards.

Apple said: Apple is committed to ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect, we have teams on the ground and launched a detailed investigation at the Wistron facility in Narsapura.

She added: We are sending more Apple team members and auditors to the facility, and our teams are in close contact with local authorities and offer our full support for their investigation.

Apple began assembling iPhones in India in 2017, where it is at the forefront of the premium smartphone market. However, it only owns 1 percent of the total smartphone market in the country, given that the iPhone’s price puts it out of reach for many Indian consumers.

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