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Apple is ignoring early iPad Pro users via its Magic Keyboard

Telepathy a company Apple is at a loss for users by making the 2020 $ 349 Magic Keyboard incompatible with the 2021 iPad Pro models just one year after its launch, and not offering early adopters a reasonable upgrade path as an alternative.

The first Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro was introduced in April 2020.

It is worth noting that although they were announced together, the keyboard has been put up for sale separately from the iPad Pro update for 2020.

Magic Keyboard was released more than a month after the iPad Pro was released, and reached consumers’ hands in March of last year.

The Magic Keyboard provided compatibility with the tablet lineup for 2020 and 2018, which were largely identical.

Given the Magic Keyboard’s price of $ 349, its sale date, as well as compatibility with the 2018 models, many buyers are likely to assume that the optional accessory will have a long life and future compatibility.

Apple has chosen to confirm that the 2020 Magic Keyboard is not compatible with the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, just days after the new device was announced.

This applies only to the 2021 iPad Pro, which is larger, which features a Liquid Mini LED Retina XDR display, which made the new device slightly thicker than previous models, by only half a millimeter.

And Apple confirmed that half a millimeter is enough to make the original Magic Keyboard incompatible with the new iPad Pro.

Anyone looking to upgrade needs to purchase the latest keyboard and must pay $ 349 again, plus taxes.

And theBegins The price of the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro is $ 1,099, while $ 350 must be paid for the new Magic Keyboard, bringing the total to roughly $ 1,500.

And at $ 349, the Magic Keyboard, which is just a keyboard and trackpad with an additional charging port, becomes more expensive than the regular $ 329 iPad, which works alone and runs the same apps.

Although Apple couldn’t challenge the laws of physics in building the latest iPads, it could earn some respect by catering to the needs of its early users and making the situation less expensive.

And for a company so proud of its customer satisfaction and brand loyalty numbers, the Magic Keyboard’s exchange program, which offers a discount to those who purchased the accessory in the last year, would be better than nothing.

The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro and its Magic Keyboard will not be shipped until the second half of May, and this time should be sufficient for the company to devise a plan to support iPad users and offer a suitable compromise for Magic Keyboard owners.

In an interview with CNBC in 2019, Tim Cook identified three things he believed were most important to the company, namely innovation, customer satisfaction and loyalty, and Cook said: I want the customer to be happy, and we work for them.

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