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Apple is hinting at a move to the alternative payments sector

As the cryptocurrency market is slowly recovering from a disastrous last week, she hints a company Apple to move into the alternative payments sector.

Alternative payments refer to the payment methods used as an alternative to credit card payments.

Apple is looking to appoint a business development manager with experience in the cryptocurrency industry to lead the Alternative Payments Partnership program.

The tech giant Apple Inc. has posted a job posting for a Business Development Manager, with a focus on alternative payments.

Apple is looking for someone to join the Wallet, Payments and Commerce team, with a specific jurisdiction for the leading alternative payments partnerships.

And according to to advertise, The job candidate should have more than 5 years of experience working with alternative payment service providers, such as digital wallets, BNPL, express payments, cryptocurrencies, etc.

The Cupertino tech giant said the manager would be Apple’s chief negotiator regarding the alternative payments space.

Apple and cryptocurrencies:

This job description alone is encouraging for the entire cryptocurrency market as Apple has shown no desire to move toward alternative payment partnerships.

While it is still not certain that Apple will move to accept alternative payments, this news certainly shows a shift in direction.

The last week of turbulent events and rejection had a negative effect on the cryptocurrency market.

With major banks, regulators, and governing bodies shunning cryptocurrencies, the market has collapsed, as it did in March 2020.

Dan Shulman, PayPal CEO, predicts that ten years from now, we will see a massive decrease in the use of cash.

He also predicted that card use would decline and that most payments would be made via phones through six to ten apps.

Apple has long maintained a tight grip on payments, especially in its app store, which has never accepted customer cryptocurrencies and requires all list apps to use Apple’s rules.

This tightly controlled ecosystem is the focus of Epic Games’ massive court battle.

Epic Games alleges that the iPhone manufacturer’s rules violate antitrust laws and stifle innovation in payments.

In the lawsuit, Epic Games claimed that app developers can accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies if not due to Apple’s restrictions.

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