Apple is heading for $ 3 trillion thanks to the iPhone 12

Apple is heading for $ 3 trillion thanks to the iPhone 12

The popularity and sales of the iPhone 12 lineup will continue to rise throughout 2021, according to an analysis Wedbush For securities trading, a factor that can be awarded a company Apple had a market value of over $ 3 trillion by the end of the year.

The iPhone 12 lineup is at the center of what analysts refer to as the super cycle, as Apple enjoys high sales of its latest smartphones.

And on a note to investors, Wedbush thinks Apple may outperform this year compared to what Wall Street analysts think.

The note said: Based on the current trajectory, Apple could sell 240 million devices, with access to 250 million devices, beating expectations. Wall Street of 220 million devices, along with surpassing Apple’s previous record of 231 million devices in 2015.

The positive outlook is partly due to supply chain data in Asia, which indicates strong strength in demand.

Moreover, with an estimated 350 million iPhones ready to upgrade, this could result in an unprecedented upgrade cycle for Apple.

The upward shift in the average selling price of iPhones is beneficial to Apple, as the iPhone 12 Pro is believed to be the dominant model sold worldwide.

Chinese sales are supposed to be a mainstay of Apple’s super cycle, as it is estimated that the region is the likely source of about 20 percent of iPhone upgrades through 2021.

And theApple’s CEO warned in January that record-breaking $ 21 billion in China’s profits were not just related to iPhones.

While he noted that other factors also play a role, he admittedThe company experienced the largest number of promotions from the main market in the quarter.

Other factors have to do with services, but Wedbush still considers the iPhone stabilization upgrades to be the heart of Apple’s growth story.

This could ultimately help Apple increase its value over the course of the year, as analysts said: We believe that Apple could reach $ 3 trillion in market value by the end of the year.

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