You are currently viewing Apple is facing a shortage of screens for the upcoming iPad Pro

Apple is facing a shortage of screens for the upcoming iPad Pro

You experience the next generation screen that is set to be one of the highlights of the upcoming iPad Pro a company Apple has production issues that could lead to a lack of initial supplies for the new device, according to To report New from Bloomberg.

The Cupertino, California, tech giant is planning to showcase the new MiniLED technology in the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, scheduled to be announced in the second half of April.

But the company’s overseas suppliers are dealing with poor manufacturing revenues, and one of my manufacturers has been forced MiniLED has recently to temporarily halted production as a result.

Apple intends to announce the updated iPad Pro tablets in two sizes this month The MiniLED display, which improves contrast ratios and delivers a brighter picture, is exclusive to the higher-priced 12.9-inch model.

And production hiccups could mean that the larger iPad Pro ships later and is available in limited quantities.

And Bloomberg reported last month that Apple is gearing up to launch new iPad Pro devices in April.

It represents Ennostar, the General Interface Solution and Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology suppliers Major providers of MiniLED technology.

The new iPad Pro models are supposed to be the first major hardware launch from Apple in 2021, andIt adds to a production line that has performed particularly well as people increasingly work and study from home.

In addition to the new display, Apple plans to add a much faster processor on par with the dedicated M1 chip in the latest Mac devices, a faster USB-C port compatible with a wide range of accessories and displays, and improved cameras.

The iPads generated $ 8.4 billion in revenue for Apple during the quarter of holidays in 2020, the largest since 2014.

As students and staff begin to gradually return to schools and offices, Apple is betting on upgraded iPad models to maintain interest in its tablet line.

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