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Apple is building a solar storage project

She said a company Apple today Wednesday: It is building a battery-based renewable energy storage facility in central California near a solar facility that provides power to all of its facilities in the state.

The company explained that the project stores 240 megawatt hours of energy, or enough to power more than 7,000 homes in one day.

The facility is located adjacent to the California Flats solar power plant in southeast Monterey County, about 100 miles southeast of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California.

The site sends 130 megawatt hours of electricity directly to Apple facilities in California during daylight hours, but it does not provide power during dark hours.

Lisa Jackson, Apple’s vice president for environment, policy and social initiatives, said the company plans to develop what it believes will be one of the largest battery-based storage systems in the United States.

She added: The challenge with clean energy – solar and wind – is that it is intermittent, and if we can do that and make it clear that it works in our favor, then we remove concerns about discontinuity and stability, which is something that can be imitated or built upon by other companies.

Jackson said: Apple plans to share its findings from building the project with other companies, but it is too early to say precisely how it does so.

Apple has other projects that have been involved in environmental technology developments, including a joint aluminum smelting venture in Canada and a recycling technology lab in Texas.

Apple also said: 110 of its suppliers are now switching to clean energy use for the work they do for the company, with around 8 gigawatts of clean energy production planned as a result, or the equivalent of removing 3.4 million cars from the road and avoiding more than 15 million metric tons. Of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

The number is an increase from last year when Apple said that 70 of its suppliers made the transition to clean energy when it set a goal to eliminate carbon emissions from its supply chain by 2030.

We are deeply committed to helping our suppliers become carbon neutral by 2030, and we are delighted that the companies that have joined us span across industries and countries around the world, including Germany, China, the United States, India and France, “Jackson said.

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